The German Railway Society

How to log in to the GRS Member’s Area

Last update 2017-08-27

  1. From the left hand menu choose ‘Member’s Area log-in’

  2. You should see the page below.

    Member’s login page

    If you do not see this page:

    • reload. Press F5, control+R or command+R (Mac), or use the reload control on your tablet/smartphone.
    • empty your browser cache (where copies of pages you have previously viewed are stored) and reload. Each browser has its own method for emptying the cache. Here is a help page:
  3. Once you see the correct page, click the ‘Log in’ button towards the bottom of the screen.

  4. You should see a log-in dialog box which says something like: ‘ is requesting your username and password. The site says: "German Railway Society Members’ Area"’.

    Authentication dialog
    • Enter your membership number in the User Name box. Your membership number is written on your membership card.
    • Enter your password in the Password box. If you were a paid-up member in April 2017 your password was sent to you in an email. You can always request a new password by emailing

    Remember that the letters and numbers must be entirely correct. 1, I and l are different characters and so are O, o and 0. If you don’t get it right the first or second time you will still probably succeed in the end!

  5. Press OK. If the details are correct you will see the page below. You are now logged in.

    Logged in page
  6. If the details are not correct you will see the page below. You can reload the page to display the log-in dialog box again and have another try.

    Authentication failure page